Chanchi (neato_bandito) wrote,

Working on a Saturday, as always.

The company is going to the Holiday Ball. Not really my deal but I'm working 12 to 9 while everyone socializes in their best formal clothing.

I dreamt of a large house, connected to an airport where Jessie and some other girl were weaving through mazes of rooms and hallways with me to make our flight to Las Vegas. The unknown girl and I were playing hide and seek in the house with my cousin Chris. We chose a long closet full of clothes hanging and piled in heaps with blankets. She covered herself well but for some reason as soon as I reached the deepest point in the closet, I could hardly move, let alone pile clothes and blankets on me. Chris found us easy because of me.

Jason and Lee were bickering and the right side of Jason's face looked deformed by burn scars - his eyebrow was merely implied and it looked my like a river etched landscape in beige more than the right side of a face. They were both trying to get me to side with them while some random dude friend of theirs sat by with glazed eyes and nothing to say. Too high to give a shit. I told them both to shut the fuck up because Jessie and unknown girl were waiting for me - I'd returned into the labyrinth house to pick up my red duffel bag. But somewhere between me finding it deep in the house and going back out to the walkway to our flight (connected to one part of our house), the walls had cinched in and I was having trouble making it out alive.

I forget the last part of the dream - but no matter. After this cigarette I need to get dressed for work.
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