Chanchi (neato_bandito) wrote,


Debbie is watching Amercia's Most Wanted and the woman speaking being interviewed earlier looked so motherly and sweet - with a full fleshy face and round eyes - very calm looking with little or no make up. She was probably in her forties.

Calls were more overwhelming than they have been in a long time today, due to it being a weekend day and the few of us scheduled today were streeeetched to compensate for those who went to the Holiday Ball instead. Weekends are already understaffed as it is. So, as you can imagine, hell in a fucking headset, updated and modern and it wraps around the top of your skull like a headband of doom.

My father still insists we celebrate my mother's birthday - he has reinstated it as his own. I suppose whatever works.

I planned on writing more but as always I am tired.
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