Chanchi (neato_bandito) wrote,

Cranky pants

The tops of my feet are itchy with the indentations from the socks being pressed too long into the skin. My eyes are rubbery when I blink.

Today was a day from hell. I am so glad I'm off tomorrow. Only wait. There's a "mandatory" meeting at 6 PM. So I have to go to work anyway. For 2 bleeding hours.

I am so cranky. I kept jerking out of sleep last night because of nightmares which I no longer remember. I spoke to some pushy asshole and had to push back. He teemed with paranoia and was obtuse as they come. He continued to interrupt - LOUDLY - to "stay in power". It went downhill from there despite my best efforts. Usually it works and I get over it because really, where is the use in letting someone get to you? It probably would have gone differently had I been better rested. So my "best efforts" were fairly diffuse. Unfortunate.

I think right now I am going to curl up in bed to read the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. Or maybe not.
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