Chanchi (neato_bandito) wrote,


She's addicted to nicotine patches....she's afraid of a light in the dark. 6:58 are you sure where my spark is? Here, here, herrre!

I see Tori on the twelfth - goddess incarnate like the rest of us - only she is self-realized. I spend time wondering when that moment will arrive for myself....and then I remember that The Now is the time....and it is not really as far off as I imagine it to be.

Why do I even allow "some day" - or "someday" depending on how you like to write it - continue to exist in my vocabulary? Why should I nurture it when it just becomes a rigid excuse? Some Day can be empowering. But I remember how Celie from The Color Purple spoke to Sofia after Harpo bashed her eye in, "This life be over soon. Heaven last always." Sofia rejected this paradigm. Her character personified motion, strength, power in one voluptuous, womanly package.

Really, when did it become okay to separate the human from the divine? I don't think we were ever ousted out of Eden. I also don't think eating from the tree of knowledge is our original sin but rather an honorable decision to awaken the greatest powers infused within to create, experience, mess up and make things beautiful again. The human psyche can be a glorious thing if we allow it to be.

Devils and gods, now that's an idea. But if we believe it's they who decide, that's the ultimate detractor of crimes 'cause devils and gods they are you and I. So sings Tori.
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