Chanchi (neato_bandito) wrote,

Ahead of the rest: Christmas Eve dreams

I dreamt of being in some South American or European city. It did not feel like the United States in any case. We were a fairly large group, comprising many people I know today through socializing, through work.....and from the past. The lot were being led by my high school IB Theory of Knowledge class teacher, Mr. Jon Icardo. Clusters formed off the greater whole as we traipsed down sidewalks and streets alternating between cobblestone, dirt with grassy oases, and , but we were still clearly one, a class.

The details are fuzzy like 5'o clock shadow on the brain upon waking. My general impression is the group was given an assignment that required us to complete tasks amidst obstacles. These obstacles called for more thought, strategy than physical prowess. Perhaps this was why I ended up straying further up ahead than every other person in this class. The physical distance between me and the rest was a little unsettling. Mr. Icardo enthusiastically encouraged me to go forth and continue but I think I ended up lolly gagging a bit, trying to "neaten" things up for when the others got to this point. I made conversation with other people who were not in my class and had a good time. Mr. Icardo, laughed and spoke to me casually. I forget what he said now, but I remember that afterward, I was motivated to continue on my way.

Despite all the time I spent in this one task, I could only hear far-off echoes of the others. I continued on my way.

It's funny but I have not thought of Mr. Icardo in a great while. He was one of my favorite teachers, next to Wroblewski and Steussy. There's significance in the fact he was my Theory of Knowledge teacher - that was the first time in my high school career that I opened up and shared my thoughts. My mother was in the dream but I can't remember much of our time together. I think she was half-spirit and half-physical. I also remember floods to the streets as part of a task or 2. I wish it wasn't so hazy.
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